NEBO Glow Tumbler Holder

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  • YETI ACCESSORIES: fits a variety of 30 ounce tumblers, get a grip on your cup and light any area up
  • CONVERT METAL TUMBLER INTO A MUG: turn your boring cup into your favorite yeti coffee travel mug
  • FLASHLIGHT HIGH LUMEN: NEBO GLOW cup holder has 3 light modes that are fully dimmable
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Gives you the power of light in your hand, powered by 3 AAA batteries, included
  • MUST HAVE: allows you to get a grip on your tumbler and light up the area around you



NEBO GLOW is a premium tumbler accessory that fits a variety of 30 ounce tumblers and 20 ounce tumblers with the included insert.

The 220 Lumen task light and the 130 Lumen lantern light, provides you with more than enough power to handle any lighting task that you come across in your day to day life

Ergonomic Handle

The NEBO GLOW is an ergonomic handle that gives you more control over your favorite tumbler as well as the power of light in your hand.

COB LED Lighting Technology

Chip on Board LEDs allows us to give you more bang for your buck. The amount of light that you get out this functional tumbler handle is nothing short of amazing

3x AAA Batteries

3x AAA Batteries are included with your purchase of the Glow. Flip the Glow upside down and you see where the AAA batteries are installed

Light Up Tumbler Handle

We wanted to make your life easier by incorporating a flashlight into an item that you use on a daily basis. Just think of all the situations that you find yourself in with a tumbler in one hand, your other hand completely full and the sun is down

Task Light Mode

Task light mode provides you with 220 lumens that shines for 3 hours out to 24 meters. That's more that enough to check the grill, walk back to the car after soccer practice or walk the dog in the evening.

Lantern Light Mode

Lantern light mode provide you with 130 lumens that shines for 3 hours out to 15 meters. That's more than enough to light up your camp site, the work bench or the back yard to see what your dog is barking at